Welcome to the wonderful world of Earthmounds!

Earthmounds makes learning about earth science fun! Join us on our adventures as we learn about the natural world around us!


What we do

We design creative content to help kids of all ages relate to the environment. Right now we have a set of educational flashcards on the market, and we’re focusing on consistently producing animated content for YouTube and characters & science facts to share on other social media platforms.

We’re always open to partnerships — email us at earthmounds@gmail.com if you’re interested in pitching us your idea for a collaboration.

Why we do it

We care about the environment, and we want to inspire others to care about it, too! Our cute characters help children learn about the natural world around them, and think of different elements of the environment as their friends. This helps children develop curiosity and empathy for the environment, which will lead them to treat the earth with care.

Who we are

stu and ally.jpg

We are Stuart John Marsh and Ally Brisbin, and we’re passionate about respecting & protecting the environment and building community! Stuart is the artist, and he designs each of the cute and clever characters we are known for! Ally is our wordsmith and takes the lead on our local community outreach. We work out of our workshop in Chicago with our fuzzy friend Shopcat.

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