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Earthmounds is a brand featuring cute characters that depict different earth science vocabulary and concepts. Some of our fans compare Earthmounds characters to Pokemon and other collectible character-driven brands. With more than 100 Earthmounds characters designed, and hundreds more in the works, Earthmounds is a flexible and scalable brand with limitless opportunities for application.



We have a set of 50 educational flashcards on the market, with our second edition set for a Q4 2019 release. Earthmounds characters are ripe for merchandising: collectible Shopkins-style mini figurines, cuddly plushes, and more!


Social Media

As we develop our brand, we consistently post new content across social media platforms to build an audience. Follow us @earthmounds on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!


Animated Series

Are you ready for an adventure? We are actively seeking partners to help us tell the story of the Wonderful World of the Earthmounds! Join Jordan, a tech-obsessed tween, as his family moves to the country. Jordan learns that the Earth is alive, and far more fantastic than his favorite video games!